Saturday, March 27, 2010

Random Thoughts in the post-Health Care Debate/Pre-Holy Week Moment

On this early Spring day, I'm struck with a few observations made over the past week.
I can understand the division of opinion regarding the just-passed health care reform. It only looks like Congress, Obama, and a few Democrats are happy with it. Many Liberals think the whole thing is a waste of time with the only winners being the insurance companies. But "Conservatives" (and I use that term loosely because what passes for mainline conservatism in the U.S. today hardly resembles the conservatism as advocated by the father of modern American conservatism, Barry Goldwater) are getting ridiculous in their anger. It is absolutely cool to have debate and disagreement but when it gets to the point of threats, "sky is falling" predictions, and just irrational behavior, then maybe its time to take a few breathes and examine one's motives. And isn't it ironic that that same provisions in this bill were advocated by Republicans back in the early 90's as an alternative to the Clinton health care reform proposals?

My own opinion is that this bill is not going to change things for me a whole lot. There are still loop holes for insurance companies to deny coverage. And those insurance companies are still going to get richer and richer. In fact, the law mandates that everyone goes to the insurance companies or gets penalized. I wish someone would pass a law stating that everyone has to buy my CD's. I could live with that. It will probably cost more than is stated right now. And, yes, I do believe this country is heading towards an economic reckoning that may be hastened along by this bill. However, that reckoning has been decades in the making. The fact that the "Conservatives" are blaming Obama for our financial woes is intentional ignorance and denial. Know your history. Take a look at the economic policies/actions of every administration going back to Kennedy and you'll see the "cause and effects dominoes" go back quite a ways. And, yes, that would include that pillar of conservatism, Reagan.

And here's some Easter related thoughts (kinda):
I just got done reading "The Shack". A good fiction story with a very cool depiction of "The Holy Trinity". I won't give too much away but, for much of the book, God is manifested in the form of a big, jolly, black woman. Apparently, that has created lots of controversy. Personally, I believe God takes the form of anything/everything/nothing. If he/she was to manifest as a big black woman, I would be alright with that. To book also touches on Jesus' sacrifice on the cross in a manner that makes good sense in modern terms. Check out the book.