Sunday, January 20, 2019

Notes Regarding My Album "For the Light to Break Through".

With the release of my latest (as of Jan. 2019) collection of music, "For the Light to Break Through", I thought I'd give some insights into the inspiration and thoughts behind the music.

The pieces that comprise of the album (is that even a thing if its only available digitally???) were composed and recorded between 2016 and 2018. There wasn't an over-arching and unifying theme in that the pieces were recorded as time allowed. Some of the pieces were conceived as potential "cues" for prospective and imagined visuals, perhaps in the vein of Brian Eno's "imaginary soundtracks". But I continued to collect pieces until I realized that there was enough to release as an album.

Like past albums, I can see a common and unintentional thread within the music, in that they are reflective of the time of my life in which they were conceived.

The stunning photo I used for the artwork is compliments of Madhu Shesharam.

As for some of the pieces, here is the inspiration behind them:

  • "The Dance By The Lake": This was a rare creative moment when an experience of strong emotion gave rise to a musical idea that was semi-formed in my head before I even picked up a guitar. The experience that prompted this was the wedding of my cousin Molly in 2016. Molly was raised by a single mother, my cousin Amy. At the point of the reception where the traditional "Father-of-the-bride" dances with the bride, it was the mom who fulfilled this role. Knowing their story that led to that moment, it was one of the most beautiful moments I had ever experienced. It truly felt like we were at the center of the universe. I was brought to tears at that moment and was so grateful to be there. This music is my expression of awe and gratitude.  

  • "Desert Resolution": During a flight from Dubai to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, I was struck by the beauty of the barren desert. I imagined a cinematic scene of some sort of journey to resolve some emotional situation, be it a conflict, a love story, whatever.

  •  "Wake Up Old Man": I took the title from a statement Bono, singer for U2, said about some of The Psalms in the Bible that were pleas to God. This piece is in a style similar to my older piece "A Psalm of Psorts" which I view as a wordless Psalm...of sorts. 
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