Sunday, August 23, 2020

2020 Random Thoughts

 Its probably a universal statement said countless times around the world: "2020 is a S#?TSHOW!!!". So, there, I said it....and for me, personally, it has. Its been trying. A few highlights:

  • I was in Germany back in March, questioning the reasons why I was there as the world seemed like it was teetering towards the unknown. My questions were validated halfway through the trip when President Trump announced he was banning all travel from Europe to the U.S.. A mad dash to get out of the country was followed by 2 weeks of quarantine....and that was just the beginning of the whole world turning upside down. 
  • In February, my cat Fiona died. She was sickly so it wasn't a surprise. 13 years old. But at least I had my favorite cat in the whole world, Punkin, still around....until....
  • In April, Punkin suddenly died from what I guess to be a heart attack. He was a fat sucker. But he was the best pet I've ever had. A heartbreaking loss in a time where loss seems to be a constant. 
Per earlier posts, I lost my father in September 2019, 16 months after I lost my sister. All this loss has, surprisingly, taken a mental and emotional toll on me. I say surprisingly because I felt I was better prepared for death. In hindsight, that was a silly assumption. How does anyone in this society, where we never talk about death and pretend that youth and vitality are forever, cope with death when it actually happens? I must acknowledge that the weight of loss and the voids have left me struggling with fear, anger, and self pity. I could go on about this but, in short, I'm working on getting to a new normal where the void left by my Dad, sister, and, yes, my two cats is coped with. 

On a lighter note, my daughter is about to give birth to her first child, a son. This will be my 5th grandchild and I must say I adore being a grandparent. This latest grandchild will be named Bjorn Brun Imberg, the middle name being a tribute to my father. It almost seems balancing that Bjorn will be born just over a year since my father passed away. 

On a musical note, I've been stockpiling some music for release. Not sure when or on what platform but...something musical strange this way cometh.....